I Add THIS to my Tea Every Morning During Cold and Flu Season

I love tea. I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. Tea makes me smile. I have shared many a pic of my tea on my instagram recently and I think it may be becoming a problem :-D.

Speaking of, I’m often asked:

a) what kind of tea I drink and….

b) what, if anything, do I add to my tea. Well, the answer is a 2 part reply.

a) Simply put, all tea is not created equally, so first and foremost I make sure my tea is organic/clean and free from artificial flavors and additives.

The type of tea I reach for depends on my mood and the time of day. I wake up early so that I can beat the rush around here and do some inner work. During that time, I like to drink green tea.

Once I get the kids off to school, get a workout out in and come back to sit and do some blogging or other computer work, I make my fun tea. I often reach for a black/chai/earl grey, but I don’t stop there….

b) While my tea is steeping I reach for my personal sized blender and start layering in the fun additions.

I use real evaporated cane juice like this one – not a lot, but I really enjoy the richness that it adds to the flavor of the tea. I then add my raw cream or butter (depending on my mood), 1/2 scoop of grass fed collagen that gives me protein, helps my hair and skin, and helps with recovery from my workouts….

AND, what’s the one thing I add to my tea every morning to help during cold and flu season?

Before I tell you, you have to promise to hear me out……promise?

Every morning, I add a half of a scoop (about 1 tsp) of acerola powder. Never heard of it? It’s a natural, whole food form of vitamin C from the acerola cherry. Acerola powder is:

  • inexpensive
  • easily absorbed
  • boosts your immune system preventing frequent colds and infections
  • promotes heart health
  • reduces signs of aging
  • increases circulation etc….

Most vitamin C supplements out there contain only a portion of the vitamin C complex. If you dig deeper you’ll find that it only contains ‘ascorbic acid’. Technically and of course naturally speaking, ascorbic acid is the protective outer ring of the whole and natural Vitamin C, however, most ascorbic acid supplements come from a lab and often from GMO corn. If you’d like to learn more read this: Is Your Vitamin C Actually an Imposter?

I’ve tried 3 different brands but I prefer this one because it imparts absolutely no flavor into my tea. 

I add all this to my blender cup, whip it around, and voila! A frothy, hot delicious beverage! 

If you’d like to add even more vitamin C to your day, consider making these yummy Vitamin C Gummies. They are easy to make and my kids really love them!

Here’s to you coming out of this cold and flu season healthier and stronger!







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