13 DIY Gifts That Don’t Suck

Gift giving can be a tricky beast sometimes. You can always go the route of gift shopping or maybe gift cards but I’m a huge fan of giving something handmade and from the heart and yes, I know that all handmade gift are not created equal. That is why I’ve compiled a list of 13 DIY Gifts that don’t suck! 

Peruse the list and the beautiful pics and I’m confident you will find the perfect gift to make and give to mom, sis, teacher, neighbor, dad, etc… Pour yourself a glass of eggnog, wine, tea, (water?) and enjoy!


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

 1.  These clay diffuser necklaces by The Rising Spoon are such a lovely gift for anyone who likes (or could use) a little aromatherapy in their lives. 


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

2. Beards (and facial hair) deserve respect, at least that’s what I’m told. This All-Natural Extra Hold Beard Balm by Scratch Mommy screams just that! RESPECT!


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

3. Seriously, who doesn’t like bath bombs? Shape these DIY Bath Bombs by It Takes Time and scent them however you wish.


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

4. These are on my list to make! Cut dry time and static cling with these DIY Wool Dryer Balls by Hobo Mama.


DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate

5. Any foodie would love this rich and healthy DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix. Put it in a pretty jar and voila, you’ve got a lovely teacher’s gift.


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

6. I love this DIY Coffee Bean Soap by Living Well Spending Less because they are super easy to make and smell divine! 


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

7. I have many clay pots begging for a transformation and these Hello There Stenciled Flowerpots by Little Red Window fit the bill! These are bright and sunny and cheerful and the perfect gift to bring a host/ess.


Raw Chocolate Dipped Rum Balls

8. PaRumPaPumPum! Raw Chocolate Dipped Rum Balls ‘Nuff said.



9. Any tea lover will love this DIY Chai Tea Mix by Recipes to Nourish. Toss it together in a pretty jar and gift it to your neighbor.


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

10. My hands are in desperate need of this! The nice thing is this Homemade Ultra Moisturizing Lotion by Live Simply can be stored at room temperature because it doesn’t have coconut oil.


13 DIY Gifts That Don't Suck

11. These DIY Tea Towels by The Shabby Creek Cottage are super cute! The instructions are simple to follow.

12. Mint Chocolate Lip Balm by The Nourishing Gourmet! Hello!!


DIY Gourmet Marshmallows

13. These Gourmet Marshmallows are always a hit when I make them. They look super fancy but in reality, they’re super easy.


Enjoy giving and receiving these lovely gifts. <3 Happy holidays! All the best in the new year!