11 Crunchy Foodie Gift Ideas

The holidays can be tough. Never mind having to navigate the waters vis-a-vis family dynamics, it’s tough buying gifts that are unique to each person on your list! Well, I can’t help you with everyone on your list, but I can sure help you find the perfect gift for the Crunchy Foodie on your list!

What’s a Crunchy Foodie You Ask?

Unofficially, a Crunchy Foodie is someone who has a love of good, wholesome, nourishing food. A Crunchy Foodie takes ‘foodie’ to a whole new level because we crunchy foodies value fermented food, bone broth, soaked and sprouted, dehydrated, etc… 

Here is a list of foodie gift ideas that will make any Crunchy Foodie smile (you’re welcome):

1. Quality Digital Meat Thermometer

Gifts for the crunchy foodie


Every Crunchy Foodie is particular about properly cooked meat. I grew up thinking meat had to be tough and chewy to be ready, spare another of this outrage with a meat thermometer like this one.



2. Large Stainless Steel Bento Box

Gifts for the crunchy foodie


Take out is not usually an option to a crunchy foodie because, well, we are very picky particular about the food we eat. Lunch problems are solved with a compartmentalized stainless steel bento box. This would nicely accommodate many types of fermented veggies ;-)



3. Joseph Joseph Herb Chopper

gifts for the crunchy foodie


This baby chops like nobody’s business and us crunchy foodies sure love to toss a ton of some herbs into our cooking!





5. Organic Fair Trade Quality Chocolate

Gifts for the Crunchy Foodie


A Kit Kat won’t cut it. Buy any Crunchie Foodie a chunk of organic, fair trade, clean, dark chocolate and you’ll have a friend for life! I like this one because it is clean (no soy lecithen) plus I like its simple yet unconventional packaging.



6. Quality Wooden Cutting Board

Gifts for the Crunchy Foodie

A plastic cutting board has no place in the Crunchy Foodie’s kitchen. Home-cooked food is essential for quality control and nothing is more beautifully inspiring than a quality wooden cutting board like this one.



7. Coffee or tea snob?

A) Coffee

A crunchy foodie only drinks quality coffee and the beans are only half of the equation! Presenting your crunchy foodie with a Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker will show just how much you get it! ;-)

Bodum Pour Over

B) Tea

Gifts for the crunchy foodie

Tea. Ah tea. But not just any tea. Organic, Fair Trade Tea. This beauty presented in a handmade bamboo box will let anyone know that you care about them (and their health). 






8. A Spiralizer

Gifts for the Crunchy Foodie


This Paderno Spiralizer is really one of my favorite kitchen tools. Veggie noodles and sweet potato spirals are just a few of this little guys talents. 





9. Architec Recipe Rock

gifts for the crunchy foodie

We all have a hundred+ cookbooks and this is a super cool way to keep the book open while chopping or sautéing. 





10. Scrabble!    

 gifts for the crunchy foodie

  Yup, I said Scrabble, but not just regular old Scrabble – the Cooking Edition!





11. Something Homemade 

a) Raw Chocolate Rum Balls – RUM! ’nuff said! Raw Chocolate Dipped Rum Balls

b) DIY Natural Sleep Mist

c) DIY Healthy Gourmet Marshmallows

d) DIY Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

e) This round-up of “Thank You For Being” Gifts

f) This list of 35 Handmade Gifts has beautiful recipes for DIY soap, Chai mix, Body Wash, Sugar Scrub, etc, etc, etc…

I hope this helps you scratch a few things off your gift list. Do you have any great foodie gift ideas you’d add to this list?

 Merry Christmas!