Immune Boosters – The Master List

During flu season I’m like a little granny, or at least that’s what my own granny calls me. Why, you ask? Because one of my go-to preventatives and cold/flu treatments is chicken stock. I seriously make a HUGE batch every week which is exactly what my granny used to do!

I get asked all the time for secrets and tips on boosting the immune system, especially during flu season. To get the most comprehensive list I decided to go to some of my favorite bloggers and ask them for their tried and true tips. I’ve had a ton of fun reading and compiling this Immune Booster Master List so that you have a one stop, quick reference for the next time your immune system needs a little boost.

General Immune Boosters

If general, everyday immune boosting is what you’re after, a great place to start is with Small Footprint Family’s list of 10 Basics to Boost your Immune System Now as well as Delicious Obsessions’ 7 Easy Ways to Support your Immune System. Because our physical and mental health go hand in hand, The Organic Kitchen explains improving them both in 5 easy to do ways. If you’re unfamiliar with using Herbs to Boost Your Immune System, Hybrid Rasta Mama breaks it all down on herbs that are safe for children as well!


I love DIY syrups especially because I’m in charge of the ingredients and I have no shortage of recipes to get you started! Mama Rosemary has a recipe for Spiced Berry Immunity Syrup that is safe for children, as is this simple Elderberry Syrup by Happy Mothering.  Oh Lardy has Flu Busting Echinacea and Elderberry Syrup worth checking out!


Immune Boosters - The Master List

I love soup any day but there’s just something about a warm bowl when you’re under the weather. You really can’t go wrong with any soup that includes bone broth when aiming to boost your immune system. That’s why I really love these soups (sure, I created them but they really are delish-promise!): Sprouted Lentil and Coconut CurryBacon Potato Leek, Easy Black Bean. Raising Generation Nourished also has this delicious recipe for Roasted Garlic Soup that is sure to be yum!

If you’ve never tried homemade gummies you are seriously missing out! These little homemade Vitamin C Gummies, by yours truly, are easy to make and contain immune boosters such as gelatin and vitamin C. Happy Mothering has a similar recipe for Immune Boosting Gummies that use Vitamin D.

If something cold and icy is what you prefer, these Elderberry Popsicles by Raising Generation Nourished may just do the trick.


If tea is more your speed, Economies of Kale has the details on making a simple Cold Fighting Citrus Tea and Recipes to Nourish has the low down on Hot Garlic Ginger Lemonade and Cinnamon Thyme Tea, all of which are loaded with immune-boosting properties! Hybrid Rasta Mama has a list of DIY Teas That Sooth and Heal. Delicious Obsessions’ recipe for Immune-Boosting Elderberry and Rose Hips Tonic requires only 3 ingredients and is easy to make!

If you’re feeling adventurous, make and keep this Master Tonic by Happy Mothering or this Master Tonic by Recipes to Nourish handy and use it when you need a little help. Warning, they ain’t for the wimpy. If something a little tamer is what you’re up for, this Fire Cider by One Beet uses 5 ingredients, and if full of vitamins and minerals, just make it ahead of time and keep it handy.

Essential Oils

If a sore throat is driving you nuts, How We Flourish has a Flu Bomb that uses essential oils to soothe.

Air Cleaner:

This anti-viral, anti-bacterial DIY Air Humidifier by Mama Rosemary also makes your house smell great!

Massage etc…

Have you heard of thumping? Learning and Yearning has a DIY on Thumping your Thymus to help boost your immune system. Extras: I wish I had come across this list on avoiding a stomach virus after you’ve been exposed by The Humbled Homemaker last year while the stomach flu tore through our family!

Keep this list handy for the next time you need a little boost, I know I sure will!