35 DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


I had this memory the other day of second grade Libby proudly giving her mom a handmade clay ashtray for Mother’s Day. My mom was elated and why wouldn’t she be? After all, I had made it with my own little 7 year old hands AND she smoked had never smoked a day in her life! This year, don’t be a second grade Libby. Give mom a thoughtful, beautiful gift that she will actually use! 🙂 

I hit up some of my most favorite bloggers and asked them to share their DIYs that would make beautiful gifts for mom. I ended up with 35 awesome ideas that mom is sure to love! In fact, I’m forwarding this post to the hubs (cuz I’m not so sure he actually reads my blog), for a little inspiration. This way, he can help my boys put together a little something for me. I’m a sucker for home made gifts. The gifts of the time, energy and love spent making a treasure, mean the world to me. <3