Wanna Make Some Money? Grow Square Watermelons!

square_watermelon4Want to avoid the awkwardness of having a watermelon roll around in your refrigerator or even worse, have it move around while you’re trying to cut it? Enter the cube watermelon! For a measly $250 you too can experience this convenience! (Yes, I’m serious.)

Ummm Why Square?

The square watermelon was first created in Japan to accomodate their much smaller supermarkets and refrigerators. The consumer demanded and the producers listened. Now it’s become something of a designer trend boasting a very large price tag reserved for those with a large food budget. Very similar to designer shoes, only a limited number are produced each season, hence the designer price.

How Do These Grow into Squares? 

Of course, my initial thought was what freaky science experiment had these poor melons met? After doing some research however, I learned that these watermelons are not victims of a scientific GMO experiment but rather they are cohersed into a square shape by being enclosed in a box while still growing. The fertilized flower is immediately incapsulated within a clear plastic box. This ‘trains’ the fruit to grow into its predetermined shape.

Where Can I Get One?

These babies are hard to come by. Until recently, Japan had the market share for the cubed fruit. Brazil and California have recently entered this market. Not to be left behind, there is now an organic variety that can even be purchased online and shipped worldwide!

What if I Prefer a More Triangular Watermelon?

Not to worry. An Italian man by the name of Franco Feroldi not only claims to be the first person to create the square watermelon, he also makes triangular variations of the fruit as well. Sadly, his motion to patent the square fruit was turned down by the Italian Government due to a ‘lack of inventive activity’ (yes, again I’m serious). If you really want to have some ‘fun’ you can even purchase a heart shaped melon for (and I quote) “weddings and special events”. (source)

Can I Grow My Own?

Apparently growing a square watermelon is easy! According to Mississippi State University’s Agricultural Department “proper training is the secret to growing square watermelons”. Here’s a DIY video from the Old Farmer’s Almanac if you feel so inclined.

If you still need a bit more of a … hand holding, you may want to invest in the book entitled “Grow Your Own Square Watermelon” (yes this is a real book). It retails for $24.95! I’m telling you, if that guy can get a book deal so can…nevermind :)




Fresh Plaza

Mississippi Sate University

Photo Credit: Kerry Brough


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