Eggnog a la Vegan Style!


Ok. So I’m human! The other day a girlfriend who I hadn’t seen in a while, suggested we meet for coffee. The closest coffee shop to her work? Starbucks. No problemo I thought. As much as I dislike everything the coffee pirates stand for, I felt that meeting my girlfriend was more important dammit!

One whiff of the coffee air when I walked in and I was taken back to my college years when I considered a tall caramel frappuccino breakfast! Oh how things have changed! Anyhoo, I’ve got to give props to whoever does their pirate marketing and merchandising because I nearly got sucked into the image of a beautiful looking, hand crafted, eggnog latte topped with a generous pile of heavenly whipped cream and some crunchy candy bits! mmmm they had me at eggnog…Wait! Stop the bus! That’s not me anymore!

I ended up ordering the only, yes, I said the only organic thing on their vast beverage menu….wait for it…a chai tea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love me my cup of chai tea but it certainly lacks pizazz without some unpasteurized honey and raw milk. I, went home with dreams of eggnog running through my head. Never one to walk away from a challenge,  I decided to figure out a healthy version of eggnog and seeing as how I was out of eggs I decided to do it ‘vegan style’ (cue cheesy pop song). :)

Here you have it:

Libby’s Vegan Eggnog

4 cups of h20

1 cup of raw, organic almonds (soaked overnight)

2-3 tbsp unpasteurized honey

1.5 tsp of nutmeg

1 tsp of vanilla

In your Vita-mix, BlendTec or other blender with balls, add your water and almonds. Run it until the almonds are adequately pulverized. Transfer to a nut bag or other finely woven cloth and strain. Rinse blender and return liquid to it. Add honey, nutmeg and vanilla. Twirl around a few secs and voila!

**This may be heated slowly at a low temp to preserve nutrition. A shot of coffee and some raw whipped cream added to this would be yummy too.

**Almond pulp can be dehydrated then ground and frozen for when you need almond flour in a pinch.